Must have food apps

If I had a penny for every useless food app I have downloaded on my phone…

When Riaan and I started dating, we would go out for dinner practically every weekend. And although this was lovely in the beginning, it had become rather tedious going to the same places over and over again.


Because of this, the two of us had started downloading various apps one evening; searching for new and exciting places to go to. When I started cooking, I scoured the internet for great food apps with recipe ideas – I mean, how many people actually use a physical cookbook in the kitchen these days? If you have ever tried this, you will know how useless and annoying some of these apps are. Over the past two years or so, I have downloaded and deleted so many food apps, it is ridiculous. I thought I might help some of you to avoid wasting as much time as I have and share with you some of the food apps I currently have on my iPhone.

Please note that most of these are for iPhone , but I will make a note with regards to each app whether they are available for Android as well.


Possibly my all-time favourite go-to app when looking for places to eat, Zomato is perfect because you get to see how other people have reviewed the restaurant. This app is great because it keeps everything you need to know in one place. From the reviews to the menu, it is easy to filter what you are looking for based on location, specific types of food and so on. Zomato is available on android as well.




Foodgawker=Food Porn. I probably spend waaaaaaay too much time using this app because it is so much fun. Think Instagram for food, except, here you can save the recipes and make them later. Sadly, there is no Android version available.



This app is fantastic because it allows you to bookmark restaurants for reference later on. Once you are in a location the app will pick up the surrounding restaurants and tell you how far away they are and include directions on how to get there. Matchbook is only available for IOS.


Paleo Plate

I have recently made the decision to go paleo for a month, starting on Monday and because of this, I needed some new recipes and ideas for food. Paleo plate has some amazing recipes all placed in different categories. If you are paleo, are considering going paleo or are just interested in it, this app is perfect and is available on both IOS and Play Store.


I hope that these suggestions help you guys out and hopefully saves you a bit of time in the future.



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