My 100% honest experience with the Paleo diet

As some of you may know, I had decided to go Paleo for a month. Initially, I just wanted to try it out – see what the hype was all about. I will admit that I was definitely surprised at how challenging it was for me as well as how how well my body took to the change in diet.

I had done through research into the Paleo diet before beginning this journey and I had thought that I understood it completely. However, as I went about it, I realized that there were many grey areas which were not clearly defined. I would very often find myself googling things to find out whether they’re Paleo or not; and after a while, this becomes a tedious chore.

A second thing which I was challenged by was the lack of dairy in the diet. Typically, I consume about 500g of yogurt daily. I eat it as a part of breakfast, snacks and any other chance I have in between. There are not very many non-dairy substitutes available with regards to yoghurt as well as milk. Some stores do not sell almond milk which can be a schlep if you are trying to stick to a strictly Paleo diet. However, I did find myself loving the almond milk in my smoothies which I would make every morning.

Smoothies had become a big part of my diet. My favorite smoothie was a chocolate and banana smoothie: coco powder, almond milk, coconut milk and banana (At least I still felt as though I was getting some chocolate in!).

Due to the lack of many aspects of my normal diet, I had to get creative with my meals. For many of them I used the app Paleo plate which I have already discussed in a previous post. This app is a great help especially for those of you who may be bored with your current meals.

Overall, I was impressed with the Paleo diet. Although it was quite challenging, I found that my body adapted to the changed quite quickly. I didn’t feel weak or under-nourished at any point. If you are curious about the Paleo diet I suggest that you give it a go. It was a positive experience and I would definitely do it again.


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