The Best Sushi Spots in Cape Town

I LOVE  SUSHI.  It is my one weakness and Riaan loves to exploit this. For the past week now he’s been nagging me about going for sushi so we have finally scheduled a much needed sushi-date-night J.  For the past three years now, sushi has been a constant in our relationship and I think that it is only fair to share some of the great little hole-in-the-wall places we’ve found. These are some of my favourite places which offer some great value for money. They are in no particular order, but I do suggest that you give them a try- it’s worth it, I promise!

Food Lovers Market- Claremont

This was a staple of mine when I was in university. With the Ikeys card, I would get a 21 piece platter and a drink for R99; however, I suggest that for 2017, one checks the new specials available on the Ikeys card as every year, new discounts are available to UCT students.

Food Lovers also has half-price on all of their sushi every day from 5pm. If you’re going in a large group, I suggest calling ahead to make a reservation because it can get pretty crowded especially on weekends.

Sushi Nori- Tableview

It was Riaan who had introduced me to this little hole-in-the-wall. It is perfect for intimate date nights and caters to those who enjoy both sushi as well as other Chinese food. Their buffet runs on a Saturday from 6PM to 9PM where they provide a selection of both sushi and other Chinese food for only R98, which is great value for money in my opinion. I do suggest calling ahead of time to make a reservation as it is a rather tiny restaurant and not really suitable for large groups. Keep this in mind for your next date night.


Edo Sushi- Observatory

I discovered this little place by accident and I am so glad that I did. Riaan and I are there so frequently, the waitress already knows our staple order.

Above having fantastic prices and a wide range of sushi, the staff at Edo is incredibly welcoming. This is an excellent place to order ahead from if you don’t feel like sitting down and they also deliver through Delivery Xtreme in case getting off from your couch is too much of a hassle. They have fantastic platters which I definitely suggest and an all-day buffet for R150.

Hamatchi- Claremont

Riaan and I went to Hamatchi for his birthday last year and I was thoroughly impressed with the food. Both of us opted for their buffet at R150 per person which I thought was great value for money. The staff was rather friendly and the atmosphere of the restaurant was very warm and welcoming. Many of the patrons were families seated around the rotating sushi-bar and as the evening wore on, more customers began to fill the restaurant which made me realise that perhaps Hamatchi isn’t a new discovery after all.

Because of the amount of customers, the service is rather slow, however, feel free to select your sushi directly off from the rotating bar and avoid having to wait too long for your order.

There are many other places in and around Cape Town which have fantastic sushi and if you know of one, please share it with me. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting places to try out.

Love and light,



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