Stop nail biting instantly

As far back as I can remember, I was an avid nail-biter. I know the feeling of self-loathing which accompanies a day of nail biting, and the all too familiar pain in my fingertips when my skin would become the victim of my habit too. It has taken me many years to perfect a method which actually works for me. I have tried the bitter nails and I am no stranger to gel and acrylic nails, but once I stop using these products and nail enhancements, my fingers go straight back into my mouth.

My answer?

Nail polish.

I know that this may seem basic to say the least, but hear me out. The reason why my past efforts hadn’t worked is because it ultimately felt as though I hadn’t put in any effort; which then makes it easy for me to chow down on my beautiful nails. However, with this method, I was putting in the effort to ensure that my nails were always in a good condition; and before I knew it, my nails had reached lengths which I had never seen before; and I had done it all on my own and without any weird and harmful chemicals.

I first went to buy nail polishes. Yes, plural. I opted for the cheapest brand that I could find which had a relatively good quality as well as great colours. Essence and Wet n Wild are great brands for this. They both have great formulas with a rather quick drying time which is important for those of us who cannot wait forever for nail polish to dry. I threw in a nail file, cotton pads and nail polish remover to complete my kit.

The main idea behind this is to constantly change your nail polish colour. For the first week, I changed mine every 2 days and at the end of the week I gave it a day to breathe. By this time, I had experienced a little bit of growth and was not tempted to bite them at all. I continued this routine for about a month and my nails had grown so much I could not believe it! The concept is that you put so much effort into your nails and their appearance that you eventually don’t want to bite them because you can see how much better they look. I also started using my favourite Forever aloe vera gelly on my hands to help soften and repair the damaged, bitten skin around my fingertips.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I’m not guaranteeing that you won’t fall off the wagon (goodness knows I have in times of stress such as exams), but this is a good and relatively cheap way to start growing your nails.
I hope that this helps some nail-biters out there who want to stop. I know that it can be tough habit to kick, but if you make it fun and find some way to make yourself work for it, it is achievable.

Love and light xxx


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